About Us

NFA Circle

FS Circle began as a group of fire service leaders from across the nation who met during a training class at the National Fire Academy. This circle of fire service friends explored organizational dynamics, change, growth, leadership, intrapersonal communications, team building and many other topics. They established a nationwide network initially to address problems and questions arising in their organizations, but soon they realized they could offer these same services to other fire departments, local governments, nonprofit organizations and to private sector organizations.

FS Circle was established and each member of the circle provides unique skills and experiences that are called upon depending on the needs of the client. FS Circle naturally provides policies procedures and in-depth studies of fire service organizations, but also so much more. FS Circle offers leadership development services, enhanced communication practices, strategic planning and many technically specific fields. These technical fields include promotional processes, code training, such as compressed natural gas education, and many other fields. We hope this provides you a glimpse into FS Circle. Now, how can we help you?