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FS Circle Solutions is a premier education provider in the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) industry, offering courses designed for code officials, fire inspectors, fire marshals, private businesses and CNG officials.  Training programs include relevant codes, laws and ordinances regarding CNG as a vehicular fuel, upgrading existing maintenance facilities and new user and employee training.


Founded by Jeremy Moore, a career firefighter and certified IFSAC inspector and instructor, FS Circle Solutions was awarded a contract through a 2012 US Department of Energy grant to provide awareness and education throughout Oklahoma and Arkansas on natural gas fuel facilities, CNG vehicles, NFPA 52 and the International Fire Code.


Many station developers face obstacles getting their facilities to meet fire code. Often, fire inspectors are enforcing codes for gasoline fueling stations that are erroneously applied to alternative fueling stations. Moore has developed a training curriculum for fire inspectors on existing alternative fueling station codes and standards, adapting the curriculum to local regulations.


Jeremy Moore, owner of FS Circle SolutionsAbout Jeremy Moore

Moore has earned a Master’s of Public Administration from University of Oklahoma, and also holds a Bachelor’s of Fire Service Management from Western Illinois University and an Associate’s in Fire Protection Technology from Tulsa Community College. In addition to his duties as a district chief, Moore also serves as a National Incident Management instructor, and brings experience from teaching at Tulsa Community College.



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