Fire Promotional Exams


FS Circle is comprised of fire service leaders from across the United States. We understand the importance of developing personnel early in their fire service careers because they will be the leaders not just in your community, but perhaps across the fire service.


FS Circle will develop an assessment process specifically for your department that will measure sound emergency and non-emergency management practices while ensuring professionalism and integrity. All scenarios will measure the candidate’s ability to not just work with the team, but rather to serve as the team leader. The transition from team member to team leader in the fire service can sometimes be difficult, so we make stronger efforts to identify those candidates demonstrating that level of preparedness and competencies. All of our scenarios measure the candidate’s skills in communications, interpersonal dynamics, leadership, organization and delegation; but the emergency based scenarios will also measure the candidate’s ability to deal with stressful situations within time constraints. A successful candidate must clearly understand and communicate knowledge of Incident Management and sound judgment regarding strategy and tactics.


It is of utmost importance for us to provide a promotional process that not only produces fire service leaders of tomorrow, but it must also reflect the policies, procedures and practices of the your Fire Department. Having participated in numerous promotional processes throughout our careers, we understand the sacrifices and emotions involved for your candidates. Therefore, together we must ensure that the process is sound, valid and reliable.